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Does Orgasm Feel More Pleasurable with Prince Albert Piercing?

Jewelry and piercing now widespread in any part of the body, including the intimate parts, which if once were considered strange and absurd, but today they are no longer a taboo. Penis piercings are different and many, but one of the most popular is called “Prince Albert”. So let’s check what is Prince Albert Piercing?


The Prince Albert is a piercing that is made at the end of the penis, in particular it is found at the entrance of the urethra,and it comes out under the glands, next to the frenulum. It is not a very painful piercing, the pain is within the average of the rest of the piercings, quite practical, it is considered one of the most attractive and sensual piercings on the intimate parts of a man. The jewel used on the Prince Albert is a ring or sometimes even a curved bar. The curiosity of this piercing lies in the name, in fact, has a very particular story and comes from the name of Prince Albert , husband of Queen Victoria, who complaining of the annoyance that the penis caused him dangling in his trousers, decided to insert a ring that could be hooked to the pants themselves.

The Prince Albert piercing, as already mentioned is very simple to make , in fact only pierces a small flap of skin, but it is important to take care to perfection to prevent it from becoming infected, care must take place especially for the first four weeks, period when the hole will heal, simply cleanse with saline at least three times a day , not using other products. The complete recovery will take place in about 4 months, but the fundamental question concerns sexual relations, in the first week we advise against having it, while for the rest of the healing period it is necessary to use condoms. Once the piercing has healed, it will not affect your sex life, which is much more pleasant to many. Metro UK has an article all about Prince Albert Piercing here. Check it out.

For some, genital piercings are synonymous with pleasure, being used to develop sensuality and increase the intensity of sensations. For others, it is just a simple aesthetic fantasy. But piercing is not such a rare practice. Where can you do? Is it painful? Who do they do it for? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Male genital piercings

Dydoes: you put a barbell (or bar) across the edge of the glands base. Generally, this type of piercing is practiced on circumcised men, often double.

The Prince Albert: the most practiced. It is a jewel placed at the end of the penis. He enters the urethra and succeeds next to the frenulum, under the glands. In general it is a ring, but it can also be a curved barbell.

Ampallang: barbell that crosses the glands horizontally and can be more or less high depending on whether you want to cross or not the urethra. It is very difficult to put on because of the corpora cavernosa.

Frenum : generally it is a barbell. It may also be a ring, placed so as to surround the base of the glands.

Guiche: you put one or more rings or barbell on the part that is between the bags and the anus.

Hafada: pierced to the skin of the testicles. You can also drill the whole scrotal bag.

Foreskin: you put one or more rings along the sex.

Apadravya: a barbell that vertically crosses the glands. It is very difficult to put on because of the corpora cavernosa.

Female genital piercings

Hood: The hood covering the clitoris is crossed horizontally or vertically by a ring or barbell. It causes a source of pleasure due to the friction of the piercing on the clitoris.

Clitoris: A ring or a bar that crosses the clitoris. It is hardly practiced because it requires a particular morphology and because, over time, it can diminish the sensations.

Inner Labia and Outer Labia: put one or more rings on the lips. Scarring is rapid. This piercing increases feelings.

Brief history of piercing

The story of the Prince Albert is the best known. According to legend, this piercing was invented by Queen Victoria’s husband. Prince Albert would have brought a ring to the end of the glands to keep his penis from the side, attached to the thigh by a hook sewn into the trousers, because at the time fashioned very tight trousers worn with an open frock coat.

The frenulum piercing was intended for the monks. To forbid any kind of sexual practice, they were put a bolt at the base of the glands! The Foreskin, on the other hand, was practiced by Roman slaves to force them to chastity.

Finally, in the Arab culture, the Hafada was practiced to the boys during the rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood, on the left side.

As far as female genital piercing is concerned, also the small-lip piercing dates back to Roman times, when the slaves were subjected to it to prevent them from having sexual relations. This is why the two lips were attached to each other. More recently, female genital piercing has been associated with sado-masochistic practices.

Why take one?

Esthetic reasons are often invoked, but in reality women often make a clitoral hood piercing in search of new sensations. Like the Dydoes for the man who, put on a erogenous zone, increases the pleasure in the two partners. Some sources claim that Kamasutra also refers to this type of jewel. Female genital piercing, for some women, is like a declaration of identity, in which the body becomes a means of expression of the personality.

It hurts?

Pain is something very subjective and depends a lot on people. It is very difficult, therefore, to say if a piercing will hurt or not. According to professionals, the Prince Albert is one of the least painful and the one that heals faster, while the Dydoes would be the one that makes you suffer more. In any case, we must not forget that it is always about bodily changes do not take lightly, because they can have important consequences. The clitoral piercing, moreover, is little practiced because, if done badly, it can lead to a loss of sensitivity.

Tips to follow scrupulously

If you are tempted by a genital piercing, contact a professional, do not hesitate to inspect the hygienic conditions of the place where you work, ask to visit the premises, check if you use gloves, that the material is sterilized or disposable. Often prices are high from $85 to $150 because the quality is paid! Remember that 10-20% of piercings get infected. For more tips, please go to and read all their articles regarding Prince Albert Piercings.

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5 Ways You Can Convince Your Partner To Try Anal Play

Today we talk about one of the most famous anal toys in circulation: the anal dilator. This sex toy is also known as butt plug, anal plug or anal wedge. Names apart this article is intended to provide a complete guide to the use of this sex toy for couples who want to make their sex life spicier by experiencing it. Bible sounds a bit ‘blasphemous as we are talking about a toy to put in the ass but it is just to tell you that this is a long and detailed article where you can find all the information you are looking for, but all of them, if you are thinking about a purchase of this type.

 But the time has come to open that door and bring your anal sex to a new level. Before continuing to find out how to increase your pleasure from behind, however, here is the complete guide on butt plug care.

Anal dilator: is it from here that you have to start to approach anal sex?

In a word: no. But elaborately the answer is no and yes at the same time. Let’s see why. Like when you enter a martial arts gym they do not teach you how to use the plug first, but do basic things without being armed for sex it’s all the same. Starting immediately from the butt plug is a big temptation and you would immediately put your orange bandage on your eyes like Michelangelo of the Ninja Turtles. But as in everything we proceed step by step. And in sex the toys, in this case the anal plug, always come after the “know how to do the old way”.

So below are the links to a couple of articles. If you missed them, they will start you in champion anal sex! Also because you keep in mind that knowing this information will lead you to have more clarity about the topics that we discuss in this article. What do you need an anal retractor if you do not know how to have anal sex in the first place as god commands? Sounds true?

Now you know how to do manual things. But have to make another clarification before going on. As you know, some women may be a little reluctant to experience anal sex for fear of feeling pain. In this case the use of a sex toy designed especially for the anal dilator can infuse a little more security because it knows that it is designed to not make them feel pain. In reality, with this don’t get in a false conviction in the head and that is that anal sex can be painful.

In reality the opposite is true: if you do it correctly, anal sex must never hurt. Not even a little! The only sensation that you should try in fact if you know what you do is to please. On the other hand, it was that you could have mental blockages in this regard and the anal spreader could help you overcome them. If you’re still confused, more details can be found on

Butt Plug: What is it?

The anal plug is nothing more than a sex toy that is inserted into the anus and that goes to, exactly as the word says the same anal vibrator.

It is a sex toy that can also be used outside of sex. Do you want to mentally excite a woman in bed, give her perfect emotions and make her dependent on you? Discover how to do in fact, if on the one hand it can be used to prepare the muscles of the rectum and sphincter, as we have just seen, it can also be used: In role-playing games where one of the two partners is dominant and the other is submissive.

To be used during the day without anyone being able to discover it. In this case, some women like the taboo side of this experience but if you think of making a prolonged use it is better to go on models not too challenging. Furthermore, as you will soon discover, this use is not recommended from the man you do not want to awaken in you homophobic instincts but, going to stimulate the prostate, it can make you experience a much more powerful orgasm if you are to use it The anal plug is fantastic for three reasons.

First: It is an excellent preparation tool for anal sex as it allows the sphincter muscles to relax. If you’ve read the articles I’ve linked you by now, you know how important this is.

Second: If your partner is not really inclined to try anal sex this can be a great sex toy to make her acclimatize to the pleasure and feelings of anal sex.

Third: It makes vaginal penetration more pleasant for both.

Anal plug: for what it is made and used the butt plug is designed for both men and women as we have seen. Inserted at a specific angle goes to stimulate the prostate but, the fact that she does not have a prostate, does not mean that she will not even enjoy this sex toy to prepare for anal sex indeed!

In fact, many women love it because it helps them prepare for anal sex, especially those that have been started by partners who are not exactly experts. As we have seen, you can also take it for several hours during the day if it excites you but, besides the fact that for this type of use a smaller model is advisable, it is better to start taking it for short periods of time before switch to longer uses. And in any case it is not something to be used every day 24 hours a day.

What we have just said is also true when we start using the anal dilator. Better to start with a small model. The first model should be small and smooth to move on to more performing models later. Take your time to move from a basic model to a more “advanced” model. Enjoy each of them reminding you that it is not a race to how much you can use the biggest one in a hurry! It should always be lubricated before use, but some couples believe it is better to lubricate the anus as lubricating the butt plug can make it slippery and difficult to insert. Obviously it should be inserted very slowly and usually, the first times, it is better to insert it when you are lying. If you’re a beginner on this field, Cosmopolitan has an article with anal sex tips for you – click here.