Will a vibrator help with orgasm during intercourse?

A vibrator can help you get more in touch with your body and sexual feelings, and may be included in foreplay or used during sex with a partner to help achieve orgasm.

What is the fastest way to reach orgasm?

What causes a woman to climax the quickest can vary from person to person. However, many women will come very quickly by applying the stimulus of a vibrator to their clitoris. Different types of vibrators will work best for different women. You just have to find the type of stimulation you like.

I have trouble getting wet enough to make sex enjoyable even though I am aroused and want to have sex.

The causes of vaginal dryness are numerous. The simplest solution is to add a vaginal lubricant into the bedroom and/or to increase the time spent during foreplay. If these simple solutions fail to increase moisture, visiting a health care provider for a general check-up may reveal the cause of and a solution to the dryness.

What are the best positions for female satisfaction during sex?

Favorite sex positions vary from lady to lady, but crowd favorites include “Doggie Style” (entrance by the male partner from behind while on all fours), “Girl on Top” (this one explains itself), and “Modified Missionary” (male partner on top with the back of the female’s thighs against his shoulders). Basically, positions that allow deeper penetration and access to your clitoris for stimulation are the best positions for female satisfaction. If these positions are old hat, try the less known “Reverse Cowgirl” (female partner on top facing away from male partner) or pick up a Kama Sutra book and experiment!

Can too much masturbation hurt your sex life?

Masturbation is natural. If you and your partner both express contentment with your sex life, masturbation is usually harmless. The truth is that some partners may not be okay with the masturbation habits of their partner, particularly if they feel that they are isolated from all the “fun.” The key is to not let your individual sex life become more exciting than your sex life with your partner.

Should we strive to achieve simultaneous orgasms?

Absolutely! Simultaneous orgasms are the ultimate way to be in sync during sex. Remember, it is often difficult for women to orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Vibrators or hand stimulation of the clitoris can help with this. Simultaneous orgasms do require a bit of communication, however. Ladies, let your man know when you feel “close” to an orgasm; this way he will know whether to pick up or to slow down his pace, not to mention that this dirty talk will turn him on. But also remember, it is not necessary to have simultaneous orgasms to enjoy sex!