I believe in the healing nature of secure relationships. When you engage in relationship counseling its my goal to create a safe environment for you to express and explore your story. This helps us both better understand what’s happening. I know what it feels like to be lost, broken, confused, or frustrated in life. Together we can help you strengthen your abilities to cope with the twist and turns of life. I work compassionately with no judgement. I welcome feedback on our work so I can improve how I work with you.

Sex and Relationship counseling with me is very collaborative, I listen and gather information, and then listen more. I want to understand you and your unique struggles. Our work together will focus on your goals and helping you see improvements. We can identify ways to cope more effectively and change old held beliefs for a more improved outlook on life.

I, as an experienced sex and relationship counselor, am excited for you that you’ve chosen to take a step towards healing. It can be scary and also very brave to face those judgments and fears. I invite you to contact my office today, to set up an appointment. I wish you all the best on your journey of healing and look forward to hearing from you.