You want to try something new? You want to give your sex life a new, fresh, kick? Feel new, sensual, really intense feelings? Just something really new experiences like How to hang sex swing? Perfect! You’re right here! If you have never heard of a love story or do not know exactly how to use it and how it enriches your sex life, then you will find an answer to all your questions!

What can I expect?

Weightless sex, varied sex, passionate and fun sex – in summary, better sex! The love swing is a sex toy that can really enrich your or your sex life!Sure, many will look at the whole thing with some skepticism, because of how should such a “swing” can carry two people? Well, in the video you have dared the test!

People on the swing and sometimes romp! What was the result? The swing remained sturdy! The important thing is just how to attach the swing.You can either attach it to the ceiling or to the door. For every love swing, there is also a manual from the manufacturer. So you do not have to worry about this!

In addition to the better sex, you can use the love swing as a “couch”. Many customers report that they just lie down in it. If the love swing is of good quality then this is really very comfortable! So you not only have better sex, but also an extra place to rest.

Just a really cool feeling!

Herewith you experience in any case completely new dimensions of the sex heaven!It’s just fun to watch the partner making new feelings in her. Anyone who wants to have new sparks in his sex life should grab the verbal Hot Dreams!

Super swing!

Very curious after reading several reviews and received the love swing after a short delivery time. As some predecessors have written, we had a lot of fun not only hanging up and doing dry exercises!

The investment is fruitful. Very good workmanship, many “opportunities for development” and the imagination knows no bounds. Also suitable for people with back problems and just to be recommended!

Keep what it promises!

Since we could not hang it on the ceiling & we have a glass door, we have a hanging chair ordered. It really holds up and the swing is amazing! Really cool and something else. Clear recommendation! Just try it yourself. You can also spoil the man super cool! You do not believe what is possible!

These are only 3 reviews. The number is increasing daily and as you can see in the overall rating or the most recent reviews, it remains positive in the 4.5 – 5 star level!

What do you have to consider when using?

The only two things to watch for are fixing and cleaning when fixing you can choose either the ceiling or the door. The ceiling must be stable and not subject to any problems. If you decide on the door, it should not be a glass door. Better safe than sorry.

For care or cleaning, use leather oil, a colorless leather care product, saddle soap and distilled water. So you get sweat and everything else on body fluids without any problems away & the love swing looks like new!

Safety tips & more!

If you have children, grandchildren or often visit friends with children, then you should first remove the love swing or hide creative or make unreachable. For example, you could attach another hook to the ceiling, in which you then “hang” the love swing again. The goal is to keep kids’ love swing out of harm’s way before they hurt or hurt themselves.

As far as the sex is concerned, the safety of fixing is determined. The more stable or better you attach the swing, the safer it is. Although accidents are extremely rare, they can happen. In most cases, comes but never for casualty and when it comes time to the accident, then nothing really dangerous. The blanket will not collapse on you! If you want a swing that is safer, try to see

Where can you fix the love swing now?

Steel, concrete or wooden ceilings, everything is possible. The important thing is simply that it is stable. So not in the boards or somewhere where you can already see – Ok, that could be a problem. Unfortunately, Rigip’s blankets do not last the passionate sex on a love swing.

At least many customers report this and the manufacturers also advise against it. If you really can not tell if your own blanket is stable enough, you can ask for an expert if necessary

In general, this is cheaper than to get a hammock chair.You also know a good friend or colleague who can help you with this. After all, a love swing is nothing to be ashamed of!

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What do I need to fix?

Well, in addition to the actual swing, you still need the spring & the ceiling mount. With some swings these are already included. You buy a package, so to speak. Otherwise you have to buy this extra. What one additionally needs, one finds immediately under “, is often additionally bought”.

The whole things have a very good quality (essential), which is why you pay a little more money. But as already mentioned, the spring and also the ceiling mount are included in most swings.

More than just rocking!

As you have probably already recognized in our menu, we have much more to offer than “just” the love swing!From other products, such as dildos, vibrators , masturbators and sex dolls , to interesting articles, such as squirting, anal sex or answers to questions such as: How do I lick / finger you correctly? Blowjob – what do you have to consider. We are a true love universe and have dealt with virtually every topic or prepare even more topics!

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The love swing does not work alone!

After all, you cannot use a love swing alone, but you either need a relationship or you meet a person for a one-night stand.

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