Most of us know how it feels when daily chores take precedence over our sex lives in long-term relationships and marriages. As our adult responsibilities increase, we spend more time on mundane tasks, such as cooking or cleaning. Then, we become less enthusiastic about trying new things in the bedroom.


Fortunately, there are many ways to refuel the fire and improve your sex life! Check out some sex positions that will reignite your spark!

Reverse Cowgirl

This iconic position is often shown in porn, and sadly, people rarely explore it. That’s understandable since the reverse cowgirl looks like it’s only meant for the man’s pleasure. Obviously, the reverse cowgirl gives men a great view of your peach while allowing them to lie back and relax. Still, that’s not to say that women can’t get any pleasure from it. On the contrary, the reverse cowgirl can actually hand over the reins to women. It can make them feel empowered and in control of their man. Plus, this can make them feel incredibly sexy!


So how does it work? Well, this is actually one of the easiest positions to try. Simply climb on top with your partner facing your booty. Bend your knees and lean on your arms. Then, when your partner penetrates you, you can vary the intensity and the speed. For even deeper penetration, just bend all the way down to your partner’s ankles. However, if you need additional support, your partner can put his knees up, and you can lean on them. Finally, if you’re feeling extra naughty, you could tie your partner’s wrists to the bed. But if his hands are free, he can massage or spank your booty and even get easy access for anal play.

The Lotus

The lotus is one of the most intimate and romantic sex positions! Plus, it’s also a really simple position that offers deep penetration. To start, simply sit down and face each other. Then, you should wrap your arms and legs around each other and look into your partner’s eyes as you get busy. Your partner should sit cross-legged. That way, you can climb on top of him easily.

Moreover, the lotus is actually a tantric sex position that allows you to take your time. It’s sensual, slow, and incredibly intimate. It enables you to shift your focus from purely physical pleasure. It can serve as a type of mutual meditation that allows you to wind down and get a new understanding of sex with your partner. When you sit in this hug-like embrace, you can feel your genitals, chests, hearts, and minds connecting. You’ll also be able to gaze into your partner’s eyes or even whisper into their ears.


To make this position work for you, try to focus on grinding motions with your hips instead of thrusting. If you’re not so agile, you can prop your back against a pillow.

Flat Doggy

When it comes to intimacy, you could think that turning your back to your partner is not exactly effective. However, positions like flat doggy could connect you to your partner in other ways.


Namely, flat doggy gives you a high degree of skin-to-skin fun. This position is nearly identical to doggy. Yet, instead of kneeling, the receiving partner should lay flat on her stomach. Then, your partner lies down on top of you while penetrating you from behind. Your partner can lean on his elbows for support and balance his range of thrusting motions depending on what feels the best.


What’s more, this position feels more intense compared to good old doggy style. It allows for even deeper penetration at a great angle. Also, your partner will be closer to your back. That way, he can kiss or massage your neck during sex. Here’s another sex tip: this is a fabulous position for anal sex, especially if you’re a beginner who wants to explore it for the first time!

Soulmate Missionary

Missionary is undoubtedly a tried-and-true classic! Over the years, we’ve developed tons of variations on this iconic position. That includes folded or open missionary with your legs up (pancake or oyster position), kneeling missionary, upright missionary, and many more. If you’re stretchy, you can try to flex your body in various ways to spice up the classic missionary position.

Still, one of the simplest and easiest variants is the soulmate missionary position. Here, you’ll only need to straighten your legs while your partner enters you. That way, you will be incredibly close to each other. In some ways, it’s the reverse of the previous flat doggy position.


Additionally, the soulmate missionary can increase your pleasure by intensifying the grinding and thrusting motion during penetration. It can create a higher angle for penetration compared to standard missionary. That way, your partner’s penis will move upwards to stimulate your G-spot with more pressure. Even better, since you’ll be so close, you’ll get to kiss, makeout, look into each other’s eyes, or even try dirty talk to spice things up further!


Finally, if you really crave a hard pounding, use a pillow! The propped-up position is another missionary variant. It requires you to set your lower back on top of a pillow. Then, you should spread your legs to the side or lift your knees up. This will truly be a sight to behold for your partner, and it will drive him wild!


From there, he can tease you with intense oral sex or kneel down to penetrate you deeply. This is a highly comfortable position for anything from sensual and slow to fast and rough sex! Much like the previous position, being propped up will enable your partner to target your G-spot with his penis through deep thrusting motions. Since your legs will be elevated, penetration will feel much tighter and more pleasurable for him too.

Final Thoughts

Our recommended sex positions are guaranteed to make you feel alive in the bedroom while improving your romance and intimacy. Plus, they’ll put you on a fast track to better and stronger orgasms! So try them out as soon as possible!