Why do so many men struggle with premature ejaculation, and is there a way to fix this condition? Read our article to learn about the secrets to lasting longer in bed with auto masturbators! 

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be a mild to serious condition, and it can impact a large percentage of men. Over a third of all males can experience it in their lifetimes. It can occur as an infrequent issue or a serious medical problem. Generally, frequent premature ejaculation (primary and secondary PE) can be a lifelong condition that can seriously impact a man’s sex life. It is manifested through uncontrollable ejaculation that usually happens within 30 or 60 seconds of stimulation. 

Conversely, infrequent premature ejaculation is not a serious condition, and it can occur to any man. This type of PE is normal and can happen due to age, stress, anxiety, or other issues in everyday life. What’s more, some side-effects of PE include low self-esteem, depression, feelings of inadequacy, and frustration. In serious cases, premature ejaculation can even end relationships and marriages.

Most types of PE are treatable, and men are encouraged to visit a specialist if they experience any symptoms of premature ejaculation. However, a lot of men feel uncomfortable when it comes to discussing this issue. They might try to avoid treatment or outright refuse to talk to their partner about it. Still, men should tackle their condition and get a diagnosis. From there, it’s possible to work towards an effective treatment. In less serious cases, there are many tricks you can try to prolong your orgasm and successfully end premature ejaculation. But, before you try them, it’s best to check out some facts on how long sex should really last.

How Long Should Sex Really Last?

As mentioned, men who experience premature ejaculation can orgasm in less than a minute. This is an uncontrollable orgasm, and it can often feel unpleasant or forced. If you can only last five minutes and are worried about having premature ejaculation, don’t worry! Multiple studies have proven that the average ejaculation time is not as long as you may think. In fact, one multinational study tested over 5,000 males. The results concluded that the average length of time for a male orgasm is about 5.4 minutes. This should be an encouraging discovery for any man who can’t stop worrying about their abilities in bed. The truth is that the male genitalia isn’t built for long sex sessions, and you shouldn’t feel bad if it takes you around five minutes to orgasm. 

So before you start panicking, keep track of time in bed. See how long it takes for you to climax. If it’s around five minutes, you should stop worrying and focus on some techniques and sex toys that can make you last longer. 

The Causes of PE

But how can you tell if you have a serious condition? Like we’ve said, premature ejaculation is the product of physical and psychological causes. Here are some of the leading culprits that can contribute to PE:

  • Physical Factors:
  • Irregular hormone levels
  • Genetic traits
  • High neurotransmitter levels
  • Infections of the prostate or urethra
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Psychological Factors:
  • Depression
  • Early sexual experiences or abuse
  • Feelings of guilt during sex
  • Stress-related to PE
  • Fear of rejection
  • General anxiety and performance anxiety
  • Relationship issues

As you can see, PE can complicate things for doctors during diagnosis. According to most experts, stress and depression are the leading causes. Apart from the factors we’ve listed, PE can also be triggered by an expectation of sexual failure, low self-esteem, and problems within a relationship. 

And for a lot of men, the sexual habits within their relationship can trigger the condition. That includes infrequent sex sessions, incompatibility, or activities that aren’t enjoyable. However, when it comes to infrequent PE, it may be caused by a cycle of rapid ejaculation. Some men could get used to orgasming fast. In this case, they could be able to break that cycle with several solutions. 

Training With Auto Masturbators 

If you’re too quick on the draw, you can try a few techniques to prolong your ejaculation time. Some include edging, kegel exercises, special sex positions, wearing a condom, using the squeeze technique, and more. But, for men who want to last longer and see substantial results, using toys like male masturbators can truly help.  

LG automatic male masturbators are designed to enhance stimulation while building up your pleasure tolerance. You can complement them with start-stop (edging) techniques. The goal is to slowly practice masturbating with them to make the penis less sensitive. That way, you can extend the point of no return. That is, the amount of time it takes for you to orgasm can increase from 30 or 60 seconds to over 5 minutes. 

Some studies have shown that the ejaculation time can increase to even 10 minutes. Plus, auto-masturbators produce powerful and deep vibrations, suction, or heat. They may feel too intense at first, but experts claim that daily use over a period of 5 to 6 weeks can bring successful results. This applies to all men who want to increase their sexual stamina and not just those who suffer from PE. 

Typically, a quality male masturbator has a cup that grips the penis and moves up and down on it. The inside is usually made of a soft material that replicates real skin. The masturbator is there to simulate the feeling of a real vagina, anus, or mouth. But, compared to pocket pussies and other masturbators that do not vibrate, these automatic massagers can make the sensations feel incredibly realistic. Repeated use will make your penis accustomed to the sensations and the pressure of penetrative sex. In turn, that will allow you to control your orgasm and increase your staying power in bed while maximizing your pleasure.  

Final Thoughts

In the end, if you suffer from a severe case of PE, it’s advisable to visit a doctor. However, auto-masturbators are an affordable and easy way to train your penis as well as your body and ultimately gain more control over your sexual habits and improve your confidence. So order a male masturbator today, and good luck!