Kegel exercises can help you reduce incontinence; strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and bladder. Not only for woman, as per current research there are numerous benefits of male kegel exercises too.

Pelvic floor muscles

To start doing the exercises, you must first find the muscles of the pelvic floor. The easiest way is to tighten the muscles to help hold the gas. Every time you strain these muscles, you squeeze the muscles of the pelvic floor. Regular squeezing and training of muscles over time helps to prevent involuntary urination. You also need to buy Kegel balls, Go Here.

Short squeeze

Squeeze and hold in this state the muscles of the pelvic floor for 1-2 seconds. Relax your muscles for 10 seconds, and then repeat the exercise up to 10 times. Doing this exercise, try not to squeeze the buttocks and not to strain the hips or abdomen.

Endurance exercise

Use the same technique of compressing the pelvic floor muscles, but this time, instead of compressing the muscles repeatedly and briefly, hold them tight for 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise up to 10 times. Before each exercise, take a break for 20 seconds.

Abdominal Press

To make the pelvic muscles even stronger, during exercise, also begin to simultaneously strain the abdominal muscles.

Squeeze harder!

Have you already achieved some success with the above exercises? We leave to a new level! Now try to make the most strong and sharp reduction and immediately relax your muscles. Repeat 10 times.

Remember: it takes time to achieve good results. The improvement will be noticeable in a few weeks. In the meantime, do not forget to do the exercises daily!

Observe the mode

You can regain control of the bladder by observing the drinking and toilet regime. For example, if you drink one and a half liters of liquid a day, it is quite normal to visit the toilet up to 8 times during the day. If, with the same amount of fluid, you notice more frequent urination, you need exercises for the pelvic floor muscles. Exercises will help you regain control.

Even in the middle of the last century, an eminent American gynecologist Arnold Kegel developed a system of exercises for his patients – pregnant and has given birth to women suffering from the weakness of the pelvic muscles.

At that time already is a professor of medicine, developed a set of simple exercises, which effectively resulted in muscle tone, littered the basin, and did women’s intimate zone, even firmer than before delivery. As a result, the house is not only forgotten about the problems with the toilet in a small, but beating their men success in love joys.

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It is useful to women and men in the sense

Even after the death of a prominent doctor, who returned the joy of thousands of women around the world have come to the conclusion that since muscle building near the genital organs of both sexes seem to mean Kegel exercises for men will be no less useful. If the beautiful half of first solve the problem of the bladder and sexual activity have appeared bonus, intimate gymnastics men have mastered it in order to increase potency and improve all aspects of the sexual act and they turned out very well. As a result of regular training for Kegel technique adapted for men, we can achieve good results in several directions. Strong erection, Sun wanes throughout sexual intercourse. You experience bright, explosive orgasms and not faint feeling that it was over.

Control over ejaculation – like a long time and with the feeling and turned on once or twice and did not happen again. Renewals sexual contact – hours “drive” is not necessary, but the excitement in the eyes of your partner is guaranteed. Prevention of BPH and hemorrhoids, due to the normalization of blood circulation – dispersed stagnant juices, preserved health.

Multiple orgasms – well, this is more like an advertisement, and why many weak feelings when you can survive alone, but a furious burst at the end of the marathon.

The principle of operation Kegel exercises

The diagram of the pelvic floor is a bundle-like muscular corset, lining the entire pelvic cavity and supporting bodies, the driving force is called the pubic-coccygeal, because it begins from the pubis, and its ending is attached to the back of the pelvic bone of the coccyx.

The muscle is responsible for the genitourinary system: controls the rectum, urethras, and bleeding of the penis, that is, because of it, you just emptied bowels, urinate and having an erection. The main muscle responsible for the content of the blood of the corpora cavernous and timely “blockage” vein that is all you need blood to work fully prepared, and the outflow will occur only after the logical conclusion – ejaculation. If the pelvic muscle is weak or initially looses elasticity over time or because of passion sitting supine and rest for a couple with libations, the blood circulation is weak, as well as erection.

The outflow of power can occur in any, the most inopportune moment, ensuring, if not failure, then surely, embarrassment. After all, most of the pubis and coccyx muscle is responsible for emptying the bladder, as even the most severe in the male toilet go still higher than love, and the training tied to interrupt urination at will. This does not mean that the exercises are performed only in the toilet, but feel the muscle and it is to start it easier to manage all when he wrote. In the training you will learn how to stretch the muscles, urinary canal, and along the veins that feed the penis, when it is needed. The practical part of the men’s gymnastics from Professor Kegel.

To learn Kegel exercises for men, you must first recognize the hidden muscle; because not everyone knows his anatomy, the majority simply enjoys the gifts of nature, without going into details. There are two ways to probably find a foothold for training:

During urination interrupt the stream – all stiffened inside and out, and have the correct muscle. For some, it is difficult or impossible, then train yourself until you get it, it will be a preparation for the main complex, without which it is pointless to go further, but it is absolutely impossible to manage muscle relaxation when you try to make an erection member pendulum motion, but not in the side, and up and down.

Do not jump to the penis to shake, and strain the pelvic muscles, causing them to control the movements. Once found the training facility, alternately tense and relax the muscles for a while, it will feel internal cuts in the future to play in the classroom. The complex consists of several workflows, but they are all based on the alternation of tension and relaxation muscle at various intervals. You can start with the implementation of the first exercise, and subsequent develop gradually, when the muscle is already trained more.